Are you cloudPRINT ready?

Cloud printing is a reality today for cloudSMART customers, thanks to new solutions designed to link cloud computing, printing and scanning with mobile devices.

Cloud based technology is changing the way we work. When working out of the office, we use mobile devices for business and accessing Internet-based applications and information that lives 'in the cloud'.

With cloudSMART's cloud-ready devices, scanning to and printing from the cloud is available to enhance other cloud services, offering more flexibility and improving productivity, because vital applications can be accessed from anywhere, via a web browser.

Business is now mobile and cloud technology provides more flexibility in your working life with the use of mobile devices, because vital applications can be accessed from anywhere, via a web browser.

More convenient

Whether working from home, a client site or another location entirely, cloud-ready devices give you access to immediate, on-demand printing and scanning of documents.

More eco-friendly

At cloudSMART, we're all about safeguarding the future, which is why our MFPs and related solutions are engineered with sustainability in mind helping to reduce environmental impact. With cloud printing, documents are only printing when and where they're needed, leading to less duplication.

More cost-effective

The speed at which your company can make decisions has a direct impact on its finances. With cloud printing, documents are instantly available when they're needed, resulting in better productivity and faster decision times.

More secure

Many worry over the security of cloud computing. The truth is that cloud services offered by proven, trusted providers like cloudSMART offer higher levels of document security than many companies manage to achieve in-house. With cloud printing, businesses can keep electronic documents secure in password-protected online repositories, right up until the point that they're needed, reducing the potential for loss or theft.

Set your documents free

Geography is no longer a barrier to productivity. When either mobile or working remotely, cloud computing allows you to access documents from almost anywhere, using almost any device, via a web browser. Documents can then be accessed, edited or printed by authorised colleagues or simply stored for future use.

Add a multifunction product (MFP) to the equation and you can also scan and capture documents on 'cloud-ready' devices. With a web-enabled Toshiba MFP, the scanned document connects across the cloud to your user account in Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft® SharePoint®, or Google Docs®, for example.

The cloud also opens up doors to on-demand printing, helping eliminate unnecessary print costs. Simply search for the document you need and then use any cloud-ready printing device installed on an available Wi-Fi network to print it out.

Through Toshiba's membership of the Cortado Cloud Printing Alliance, Toshiba support secure on-demand mobile printing from iPad®, iPhone, BlackBerry® or Android devices.

It's the combination of proven cloud technologies and the latest printing systems that bring big business benefits that can be delivered by cloud

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